How To Upload File using Ajax with php

Hello friends,  i hope all of you know what is ajax. if not than let me explain,  Ajax is utility like without refreshing web page it will display result. for example suppose i have one form something like registration form and i want to store all the data in database table than we all normally use direct code in that page or someone who knows ajax that people will use ajax. in short if you want to store all the data in database table without refreshing page than you can use Ajax.

in this article i will explain you how to upload any file, image, video, document or any file using ajax. so read below code and try it now and you can also download that code and also view online demo for this functionality. and in this article i have developed to upload any file or Delete or View uploaded file in folder with storing images in mysql table.

Master Table Of Document.

Now, Create one more table in which you want to store your uploaded file data


Below Code of Ajax Called for insert data into table  “upload_document.php”

Delete Any File using Ajax code file i.e “delete_document.php”

DownloadOnline Demo