Simple Step For Install TomatoCart

Hello Friends,

currently in internet so many ecommerce framework available, and so many people today used so many ecommerce framework, and from that one of tomatocart is also a ecommerce framework, and i will try to explain in detail that how to create your own store in simple and easiest way using tomatocart framework, tomatocart is a very nice framework for your online store, within 5minutes your store will be create in tomatocart, so let me explain step by step procedure that how to install in your localhost or live server.

Download Tomatocart Setup

Step 1: Licence Agreement

Extract downloaded setup all the file in your installed server’s directory and create any folder on that for in my case i have created tomatocart. and after open that folder path in any browser. in my case i will open something like http://localhost/tomatocart than after below screen you will see so follow and enter according whatever i have written on that. in all the step i have entered my localhost server detail so instead of that you have to add your value.

Step2: Pre – Installation Check

After click on Continue Button on step-2 you will see like below screen. so follow

step 3: Database Setup

Step 4: Web Server Setup

Step 5: Online Store Settings

Step 6: Finished

 Admin Login Page

Admin Panel Login

Admin Panel after Login

Admin Panel After Login

Front End View

User Side View