how to set autostart WAMP server when windows start

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as with all the web developer, its always important to test your project in locally before applied to live server, and so for that back end we used WAMP server.

WAMP server is a development package that run your web development project locally, and it stands for Windows , Apache, MySQL, PHP /PERL/Python.

once if you installed WAMP server in your pc than after you can run your web development project in your localhost server, but after installing every time you have to start WAMP server manually, but for that i will explain you how to start automatic when windows start in below.

1) in first step open Run dialog box something like


2) after click on Run button you can see something like below box so in that textbox write “services.msc” and click on ok button


3)after click on ok button from step-2 you can see one window will open and from that all the services list find “wampapache” service something like in below image


4)after that right click on “Wampapache” services and select Properties than after you will see another window for Properties setting


5) in above dialog box select Automatic from Startup type select box and click on Apply button and than after click on Ok button. thats it and also do same procedure of step-3 and step-4 with select “wampmysqld” services and apply samethings that applied for “wampapache” services i.e right click on “wampapachesqld” services and select Automatic startup type and so on.

6)Now, Restart you PC and run directly your project in web browser without start manually wamp server, so now onwards you no need to start WAMP server manually that in earlier days you do.

so enjoy and save your time for starting manually process for starting WAMP server.

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