how to send email using amazon’s SES service with php

Hello friends,

in so many projects i have used this amazon’s SES service because in earlier days in some site i have created some promotion mail and other site related mail sending using normally php function and in some time that mail is going into spam, so i have choose to used amazon’s SES service and now mail is sending in inbox directly, so amazon’s SES service is very fast sending mail and for bulk email sending this service is very good and sending mail from amazon’s SES service also reduced spamming or i can say never mail going into spam. so lets try below code and send mail using amazon’s SES service

-in initial level amazon provide 200 mail sending limit for every 24hours but thats not a problem, if you need more than that than you have to just fillup one form i.e on that form you have to fillup form with what purpose you want or we can say something like sending request for i need many email sending limit per 24hours  to amazon.


go to this link and fill that form, and later site will check your request and send you mail regarding increased your daily limit to 10,000.

- if you run above script before sending production Access request to amazon than to whom you sending mail something like than one confirmation link is getting first and if that person is confirm that link than only your mail will get that person. so in intial level when your sending limit is 200 at that time your every sender have to confirm using that link.

-but after sending production access request and if you see daily sending limit 10,000 and after that you run above script than no need to confirm sender that link, so directly sending email person will get your email instantly, so first sending request for this i.e Production Access Request.

-and in your amazon’s SES console you can check how many mail is sended and how many mail is bounced and other things you can see in SES console. so once try and than check.

SES Management Console