How to import large mysql file using phpmyadmin

Dear Friends,

From last days i m trying to import large mysql file using phpmyadmin. when i select my .sql file using phpmyadmin import functionality it shows me below error.

“you probably tried to upload too large file. please refer to documentation for ways around this limit”.

i have tried so many ways to do import large file. and also i have increased timeout but still it give a error and finally i got how to import large file.

Simple step to import .sql large file using PhpMyAdmin

  • go to phpmyadmin directory inside the xampp directory wherever you have installed.
  • now open file and add this line of code on that file i.e $cfg['UploadDir'] = ‘smitcky’;
  • now create smitcky folder inside your xampp/phpmyadmin directory and add your .sql file in smitcky folder.
  • now open phpmyadmin in your browser, and than go to import.  in below browse button you can see the file.
  • choose option this “Select from the web server upload directory smitcky/
  • select that option and click on go.

using this above step my problem solve and i hope your problem also solved. after using this you never face above error. this is the easiest way to import large mysql file using phpmyadmin.