How To Delete Subdomain Using PHP

Hello friends,

we all know we can delete sub domain easily from our hosting C-panel but if you wants to delete sub domain of your any domain than you can do using PHP also. so lets i explain you how you can do that easily using php.

using below php script you can delete sub domain dynamically and also it will delete your sub domain’s directory from your server

for e.g index.php

create one php file same as above and at end simply call this function something like

How to Call

$ur_sub_domain_name = here enter your sub domain only for e.g myblog

$ur_c-panel_username    = your hosting provider’s c-panel username

$ur_c-panel_password    = your hosting provider’s c-panel password

$ur_main_domain          = your main domain name for e.g


so according to my function will be deleted and also deleted its directory from my server.

Thanks :)