Contact Us Form with Captcha Code using PHP

Hello friends,

Everyone knows that in any type of website one page should be there i.e contact us for getting touch with website owner regarding whatever user’s confusion, query and etc wherever. today i m going to explain you how to create that contact us form with captcha code. so lets i start to explain in detail so just follow whatever i m telling in below step. its very busy step. you only need to copy all the files and run that script that’s it and i also share you my created demo’s screen.

in this tutorial i also give you mail format so you don’t want to do from your side. later you can change your mail format whatever you like and change according to that whether its code, css ,JavaScript code or anything.


HTML Code (index.php)


JavaScript Validation Code

Wrong Captcha code Validation Error in below screen


contactuswithcaptcha.css File Code

Success Message if every Validation is ok and hit on Send button than like below screen will display


After click on Send buttton Mail Sending PHP Script

please use this above php script code in index.php file anywhere you can add whether its before HTML code or after HTML code or you can new file and on form action you can define its path.

Mail Sending Format


Thanks for visit this article and i hope you will get an idea how to create contact us form in your site. follow same as i told you than its very easy for you.