what are the difference between SQL and Mysql?

Dear Friends in this post i m trying to explain difference between sql and mysql. SQL is a one type of language it called as “Structured Query Language”. while MYSQL is several database systems or Relational Database Management System(RDBMS). mysql perform several RDBMS’s ¬†other of which are postgres, oracle and MSQL.   in short, take

Difference Between mysql_fetch_array,mysql_fetch_row in php

Dear friends i m explaining with example Many of the php programmer getting confused about mysql_fetch_array(),mysql_fetch_row(), mysql_fetch_assoc() and mysql_fetch_object() functions but all these functions result getting same. ¬†let me explain in detail Create table “smitcky” with three fields i.e id,username and password   create database_connection.php [crayon-59959a604511c037312224/] mysql_fetch_row() it fetch a result row as an numeric

How to create stored procedure in Mysql and use in PHP

Hello Friends, In this post i m explaining you how to create stored procedure using Mysql and how to calling that sotred procedure in PHP. Stored procedure is improve web applications and reduce database request traffic. in this post i m explaining you how to decrease database requests. Database Table i have created user table

Difference Between Cookies and Session

Hello friends, here i saw you some basic difference between cookies and session. main difference is cookies are stored in user’s browser and session are not. this is the basic difference and is best to used. cookie can store information in the user’s browser untill user cannot delete. sometimes we can see Remember me option

Difference Between Unique Key and Primary key in sql

Hello Everyone, Everyone knows who is/was worked on SQL. this is easy question but in interview this questions may be asked and interviewer asked this question for anyone whether he/she is fresher or experienced. this is very basic questions for all the IT person. Unique Key 1.unique key allowed null value and is used to

How to import large mysql file using phpmyadmin

Dear Friends, From last days i m trying to import large mysql file using phpmyadmin. when i select my .sql file using phpmyadmin import functionality it shows me below error. “you probably tried to upload too large file. please refer to documentation for ways around this limit”. i have tried so many ways to do

SQL Joins Example

SQL joins are combine rows from two or more sql tables. Most Common join is : SQL INNER JOIN(Simple join). it returns all the rows from multiple tables where the join conditions met. Let’s view at a selection from the “smitcky_order” table: ID Cust_id Date 1000 1 2013-01-01 2000 5 2013-01-02 3000 10 2013-01-03 then,