Ajax Image Upload using PHP and jQuery

in this tutorial will explain you how to upload image using ajax and how it will displayed on anywhere. in this i have created one simple html form and on submit button written some code of jQuery to execute ajax call and for that file will process how to upload image into our folder. so

How to add WordPress Editor with validation

Hello friends, we all knows there is some library,js, CSS file for adding editor on our code. compare to Core PHP in WordPress its very easy to add editor because WordPress inbuilt provides editor functions and i already added in so many wordpress projects i feel so happy because its not much more line of

How To Upload File using Ajax with php

Hello friends,  i hope all of you know what is ajax. if not than let me explain,  Ajax is utility like without refreshing web page it will display result. for example suppose i have one form something like registration form and i want to store all the data in database table than we all normally

Get Timezone GMT value and display current date and time using javascript with php

Hello friends, in this article i will explain you that how to get current script running on which country and according to that you will get its GMT value and from GMT value how to find current date and time of that country using php i will show you in this article with example. [crayon-59959b89d58b9104580649/]

How to copy the selected text to a textarea on double click using php

Hello, in this article i m explain all of you that how to copy the selected text using jquery. after running this below code click on Hi.welcome to…. select this text and double click on that and that text is storing into hidden variable and instead of hidden variable you can store it in textarea

How to track mouse position using jquery

Hello friends in this post i m explaining you that how we can track the mouse x and y position using jquery.  i have seen in so many website is use jquery for tracking mouse position. [crayon-59959b89d62cb267945528/] Thats it.

How to auto Refresh parent window after closing current popup window using javascript

Hello Friends, in this post i m showing you a code for how to auto refresh your parent window when you close your current popup window using javascript. [crayon-59959b89d65b4918336252/]  

How to disable Right click on image using jquery

in so many site i have checked in that they have disabled right click on wherever we can see images so i have planned create such kind of post in smitcky. so using below function we can disabled right click on our whole site images. add that function in your header common file so it