Ajax Image Upload using PHP and jQuery

in this tutorial will explain you how to upload image using ajax and how it will displayed on anywhere. in this i have created one simple html form and on submit button written some code of jQuery to execute ajax call and for that file will process how to upload image into our folder. so

How to Reload iframe using javascript and supporting on almost browser

Iframes are very common and old technique to display content of any website directly. it’s globally accepted and user all over the world web.i was working in one of my client project, in that i m making an Ajax call and in there i was trying to refresh Iframe and its works only some browser

Contact Us Form with Captcha Code using PHP

Hello friends, Everyone knows that in any type of website one page should be there i.e contact us for getting touch with website owner regarding whatever user’s confusion, query and etc wherever. today i m going to explain you how to create that contact us form with captcha code. so lets i start to explain

Use of Match Against in Mysql

Hello friends, in this article i will explain you how to find exact word from database using mysql. all developer know in some condition LIKE is not working perfectly i.e means in some searching functionality LIKE function of mysql not worked at that time for perfect match word you can use instead of LIKE to

Get Timezone GMT value and display current date and time using javascript with php

Hello friends, in this article i will explain you that how to get current script running on which country and according to that you will get its GMT value and from GMT value how to find current date and time of that country using php i will show you in this article with example. [crayon-59c2181b53ef0292529231/]

How to Get Address from latitude and longitude using javascript with google map

Hello Friends, in this post i m explaining how to get address from your latitude and longitude using Google Map Javascript api file. in below code write your latitude and longitude value according to that whatever google map find that result you will get using below javascript code. [crayon-59c2181b5459d050544193/]  

How to auto Refresh parent window after closing current popup window using javascript

Hello Friends, in this post i m showing you a code for how to auto refresh your parent window when you close your current popup window using javascript. [crayon-59c2181b54997463402994/]