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Ajax Image Upload using PHP and jQuery

in this tutorial will explain you how to upload image using ajax and how it will displayed on anywhere. in this i have created one simple html form and on submit button written some code of jQuery to execute ajax call and for that file will process how to upload image into our folder. so

How to remove wordpress required email error validation on profile edit in admin side

today i explain you that how to remove wordpress default validation of email required how to remove that validation using simple code. put this code inside your functions.php. this code will help when we allow user to register without email address, and in some of the case administrator wants to edit any user profile than

How to add additional field in user profile add-edit in wordpress

Hello friends today i m going to explain you that how to add custom user information inserting and updating in WoordPress backend side. i have developed code in earlier days and today i planned to share with you that how to add using simple method. i have created code that will store all the custom

Get total social share count (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest,Linked In)

today i m going to explain you that how to get any post’s total social media share using simple code. and in this tutorial i explain you how to add in WordPress platform.. so let’s i explain you some of the them step by step. FaceBook [crayon-59c2191a32b42570806264/] Twitter Tweet Count [crayon-59c2191a32b4d339335861/] Pinterest Pin [crayon-59c2191a32b54586689002/] Linked

How to Add Fb Comments on Site

today i m going to explain you that how to add Facebook comments on your own site. first of all you have to create Fb application so lets i explain you step by step procedure..  Go to After that on top menu inside My Apps Menu click on Add a New App than you

How to add WordPress Editor with validation

Hello friends, we all knows there is some library,js, CSS file for adding editor on our code. compare to Core PHP in WordPress its very easy to add editor because WordPress inbuilt provides editor functions and i already added in so many wordpress projects i feel so happy because its not much more line of

How to add Querystring on WordPress Menu

Hello Dear All Friends, recently in one of my project i got one confusion that how to add query string on my default WordPress menu. and than after i plan to create some code for that permanent solution and that i did at last. We all knows that we can easily add custom link from

How to Reload iframe using javascript and supporting on almost browser

Iframes are very common and old technique to display content of any website directly. it’s globally accepted and user all over the world web.i was working in one of my client project, in that i m making an Ajax call and in there i was trying to refresh Iframe and its works only some browser

How To Delete Subdomain Using PHP

Hello friends, we all know we can delete sub domain easily from our hosting C-panel but if you wants to delete sub domain of your any domain than you can do using PHP also. so lets i explain you how you can do that easily using php. using below php script you can delete sub

5+ E-commerce WordPress Latest Themes

WordPress is an open source technology and many themes, plugins, forms, widget and much more available in free of cost and many beautiful themes are free available in WordPress website and from that i have selected some of the good e-commerce themes from my end so lets show you best themes and will update latest