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How To Upload File using Ajax with php

Hello friends,  i hope all of you know what is ajax. if not than let me explain,  Ajax is utility like without refreshing web page it will display result. for example suppose i have one form something like registration form and i want to store all the data in database table than we all normally

Simple Step For Install TomatoCart

Hello Friends, currently in internet so many ecommerce framework available, and so many people today used so many ecommerce framework, and from that one of tomatocart is also a ecommerce framework, and i will try to explain in detail that how to create your own store in simple and easiest way using tomatocart framework, tomatocart

Best Free Open Source Ecommerce Platforms

1. WordPress (Free) WordPress was first launched on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. As of September 2013, version 3.6 had been downloaded more than 6 million times. WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform. wordpress have some plugins for developed site of ecommerce solutions i.e wp-e-commerce and Woo

Use of Match Against in Mysql

Hello friends, in this article i will explain you how to find exact word from database using mysql. all developer know in some condition LIKE is not working perfectly i.e means in some searching functionality LIKE function of mysql not worked at that time for perfect match word you can use instead of LIKE to

50+ Latest WordPress Theme for 2014 Free

WordPress is still hot technology in today market and in majority of web designers continues to from strength to strength with CMS. There are so many great and latest themes that have been released in last of 2014. you below are so many theme i will show so choose any and installed in your wordpress

Get Timezone GMT value and display current date and time using javascript with php

Hello friends, in this article i will explain you that how to get current script running on which country and according to that you will get its GMT value and from GMT value how to find current date and time of that country using php i will show you in this article with example. [crayon-59959c5e8c3de325124581/]

how to create shortcode and use in wordpress

Hello friends, in wordpress site you can see in so many plugins and so many slider plugin you can see wherever you want to add that code you have to add that shortcode, so same thing i will show you that how you can also create shortcode in wordpress and how to use in wordpress

how to insert add more meta box in product page of wp-e commerce plugin

hello friends, all of you know today in market so many e-commerce site is available, and may be you also have developed e-commerce, using wordpress we can make very nice ecommerce site and that all of you know, and in this article i will explain you that how to add custom code in e-commerce plugin

how to set autostart WAMP server when windows start

Hello Friends as with all the web developer, its always important to test your project in locally before applied to live server, and so for that back end we used WAMP server. WAMP server is a development package that run your web development project locally, and it stands for Windows , Apache, MySQL, PHP /PERL/Python.

How to Upload any file in amazon s3 using php

Hello Friends, in this article i show you how to upload any image file, document file or ppt file or any file in amazon.  amazon is a good website and amazon provide so many services like Direct connect,EC2, SES, s3 and so many others and amazon’s network is good,  using amazon’s “S3″ service we can