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How to track mouse position using jquery

Hello friends in this post i m explaining you that how we can track the mouse x and y position using jquery.  i have seen in so many website is use jquery for tracking mouse position. [crayon-59959b60586cb975819228/] Thats it.

Use of Explode() in php

Hello friends, if you want to divide your any string than using this explode function you can use.  i.e my string is i m smitcky and i want to removed space between of that word and need every word in variable than you can use below code. Syntax: [crayon-59959b605c017216933278/] Explode returns an array of string.

PHP Interview Questions and answer for fresher

Hi friends, i m also a developer of PHP and i know what the problem faced during first interview when we all was fresher. in this post i m explaining which type of questions interviewer can ask in interview. PHP is a important post of web and every web developer should have the basic PHP

what are the difference between SQL and Mysql?

Dear Friends in this post i m trying to explain difference between sql and mysql. SQL is a one type of language it called as “Structured Query Language”. while MYSQL is several database systems or Relational Database Management System(RDBMS). mysql perform several RDBMS’s  other of which are postgres, oracle and MSQL.   in short, take

Difference Between mysql_fetch_array,mysql_fetch_row in php

Dear friends i m explaining with example Many of the php programmer getting confused about mysql_fetch_array(),mysql_fetch_row(), mysql_fetch_assoc() and mysql_fetch_object() functions but all these functions result getting same.  let me explain in detail Create table “smitcky” with three fields i.e id,username and password   create database_connection.php [crayon-59959b605cae6948032957/] mysql_fetch_row() it fetch a result row as an numeric

Display Post by category name using wordpress

Hello Dear Friends, from last three years i was working with wordpress.  using wordpress programming we can display post by category name and in this post i show you how to display post of selected category. [crayon-59959b605d21d969964140/] in above code instead of “smitcky” you can replace it with your category name , wordpress post by

How to Save image from any site’s image url

Hello frineds, in this post i m explaining you easy trick how to store  image from any site’s image url. try below code and check yourself how it works. [crayon-59959b605d664786237546/]  

How to Get Address from latitude and longitude using javascript with google map

Hello Friends, in this post i m explaining how to get address from your latitude and longitude using Google Map Javascript api file. in below code write your latitude and longitude value according to that whatever google map find that result you will get using below javascript code. [crayon-59959b605db1d974807549/]  

How to auto Refresh parent window after closing current popup window using javascript

Hello Friends, in this post i m showing you a code for how to auto refresh your parent window when you close your current popup window using javascript. [crayon-59959b605dfe1653409985/]  

How to send Email from localhost using PHP

Hello Everyone, in this tutorial i m exaplain in detail how to send email from your localhost. you might be wonder why mail function is not working from your localhost. i also faced the same problem whenever i have tried mail is sending it gives a error when run my mail script something like [crayon-59959b605e4a1543749012-i/]